Wednesday, April 19, 2006

20th April 2005

today is my last day at staying at Lukes (ex) tonight i go home with a sick baby who will not sleep and cries all day. Today i go to the therapist at the mental health clinic in rockingham. Im actually looking forward to it. Jenny helps me with coping stratigies at the moment like taking a cold shower when im really mad. Next tuesday its my birthday ill be 25. This saturday Luke is taking me out for my birthday as he will be away. he is going to Albany to march for ANZAC day. Nadine is going to be there thats the girl that he loves. Will i ever get over him?

the photo is of Amelia with Luke and me when she was about 4 weeks old.

So my goals for this week are:

1. not to talk about Nadine and Luke

2. have a shower everyday and brush my teeth

3. make more of an effort to take my medication everyday.

Luke will be home in an half an hour and he is comming to see Jenny with me. any way ill write more a little later

see ya


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